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Assault Charges

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Assault charges are serious, and the specifics of your case will determine how things are handled immediately following the charge. For example, if you are charged and apprehended for assault in the state of Texas, you have to appear before a Judge within 48 hours of your arrest. It is crucial to have a trustworthy and tenacious assault charges lawyer by your side at this hearing to ensure your rights are represented.

At this first hearing, you will be informed of the reasons for your arrest and about the due legal process that lies ahead. The judge will also state the bail amount or release you without bail if your crime is a minor one. Also, If you qualify, your assault defense attorney can request a reduction – because qualified legal representation should leave no stone unturned.

The prosecution will assess your charges and file them as misdemeanor or felony. Minor threats can lead to $500 fines, and misdemeanors of a more serious nature can lead up to a year in prison. If your case is regarded as a felony, depending on the circumstances, the punishment can lead to years, decades, and even life in prison.

Texas assault laws are complicated, and having an experienced Austin assault lawyer by your side is essential to navigating the process in your favor. Our team of experienced and tough assault defense attorneys at GHC Law Firm can help and are ready to build the strongest case possible in your defense.

Austin, TX Assault Attorney Explains the Difference Between Assault & Self-Defense

Texans are entitled to the right to protect themselves in adverse situations – within limits. Understanding the difference between assault and self-defense is crucial to determining which side of the law the charges favor, as well as the consequences for the people involved.

So, let’s clarify the self-defense definition, assault definition, and when self-defense becomes an assault. Texas law defines assault as “intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another”. While the definition omits it, verbally or physically threatening someone with bodily harm is considered an assault too.

On the other hand, self-defense is considered to be a type of assault that is tolerated under specific circumstances. We outline the circumstances that apply to self-defense and more about this topic in our blog post: What are the differences between assault and self-defense?


is defined as intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another by Texas law

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There are many different classifications of assault in Texas and varying degrees of charges depending on the actual act. You need an experienced lawyer for assault charges to help build a defense in your favor, and the GHC Law Firm is ready to confidently and transparently guide you through this difficult process.

Don’t just Google “assault charge lawyer near me” – work with the highly experienced assault defense attorneys ready to fight for your future – contact GHC Law Firm now.

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