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Robbery Charges

Robbery is regarded as a second-degree felony in the state of Texas and, if convicted, can result in hefty fines and/or a prison sentence. However, an aggravated robbery charge is more serious and regarded as a first-degree felony, resulting in more prison time – even a life sentence.

The outcome of your case will depend on proof, i.e., proof of intent and proof that you actually caused physical or emotional harm to the victim. Although the state laws change all the time, make no mistake – robbery is a serious charge and should be handled with the help of a seasoned robbery lawyer who has plenty of experience in theft defense cases.

Your motives, potential influence of drugs or alcohol, and your role in the crime can affect your final sentence – and your future. Even if your charges don’t lead to a prison sentence, your criminal record can still be impacted, undermining efforts to gain employment or pursue other opportunities.

However, a robbery charge is not a conviction. In a criminal prosecution, the prosecutor has the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a robbery was intentionally committed. This burden of proof means that the accused can often avoid a conviction by scrutinizing the prosecution’s evidence or presenting evidence that undermines the prosecution’s case.

Aggravated Robbery Charges in Texas

The crime of robbery can be elevated to that of aggravated robbery (sometimes called armed robbery) if in addition to the case of robbery, the prosecutor can prove that:

  • The defendant used or exhibited a deadly weapon and/or
  • A victim was threatened or placed in fear of bodily injury or death who was an individual 65 years of age or older or physically, mentally, or developmentally disabled.

As a first-degree felony, an aggravated robbery charge in Texas carries serious penalties if convicted in court.

Penalties For Robbery & Aggravated Robbery
Charges in Texas

As a second-degree felony in Texas, a robbery charge can carry a penalty of two to twenty years in state prison and/or a fine of no more than $10,000. However, if the crime is elevated to an aggravated robbery charge, it becomes a first-degree felony. A first-degree felony in Texas can result in five to 99 years in state prison and/or a fine of no more than $10,000.


As a second-degree felony – two to twenty years in state prison and/or a fine of no more than $10,000.
A first-degree felony – five to 99 years in state prison and/or a fine of no more than $10,000.

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Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is vital to a successful robbery charge defense in Texas, so please don’t hesitate to call the GHC Law Firm for help today.

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